I want to work in London’s West End, what if I can’t?

Are you worried about working in London since Brexit? ICMT has the answer and it’s not what you think:

London isn’t the only answer

The International College of Musical Theatre (ICMT) has developed a whole new musical theatre training: EU option. Good news if you want to prepare to work as a professional performer.  You might be saying, “I want to work in London’s West End” but if you haven’t registered as a resident there you may be out of luck Post-Brexit. But don’t despair,  Germany has a thriving musical theatre industry, just check out the biggest production company going Stage Entertainment.  They have musicals playing all over Europe but Germany leads the way.

Producers in Germany cast in lots of different countries in the EU but one issue they have is coming across talent that can perform in German. They don’t need to be fluent in the language but should have a good grasp of pronunciation which could push them to the front of the line.

Train in Rome and London

The ICMT has a campus in Rome where they have added a German element to the training. Students on the new programs will spend three months there and then six months in London where they will work with West End professionals. They also get that all-important training on their CV.

What are the benefits to working in Germany?

First of all the pay is great. Ensemble member can look to earn around €1600 per week. That’s actually better than the West End! They not only have their West End equivalent but they have State-aided Repertory Theatres and summer theatre.

I Want to Work in London’s West End – Think outside the box

“I want to work in the west end” has maybe been your dream all along but think bigger, think internationally. This option not only gives you the chance to train in Rome and London, students will also spend a week in New York working with Broadway professionals. That’s a pretty darned good complete training package. And, I would know, because I came up with it. Ha!

To find out more check out the EU Bespoke Program tab at theicmt.com

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