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Godspell first sneak preview here. Amazing voices!

I am pleased to announce that my drama college AMTA has been asked to be the first choir on the UK TOUR of GODSPELL in CONCERT. AMTA participated in the West End Concert last May and it was a sell out show. Get your tickets and learn more about the show here

Over 4 days of first round auditions we saw 300 people.

We are recalling 30. 10% of all those who auditioned.

A few general observations:

– Most popular girl’s song was ‘Get Out and Stay Out’ from theĀ  musical ‘9 to 5’

– Most popular boy’s song was ‘Lost in the Wilderness’

– So many people could sing but did nothing more

– So many women in this business

– Some people looked like they just crawled out of bed

– A lot of voices are damaged (young girls who have nodules already) – Strong lack of technique