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Your reputation precedes you…good and bad!

By Kenneth Avery-Clark


We have all heard this expression before but it is so true, especially in show business.

We are constantly ‘harping on’ at students to always remember this, and just yesterday I received a phone call that confirms it! But not just that your reputation precedes you but even more important that people WILL and DO ask around about you.

A choreographer who I worked with 5 years ago rang me out of the blue.  It was lunchtime and he was on a break from auditioning for a new musical. That morning he saw a girl who (uh-oh) had my name on her CV as someone who had directed her.  He said she was ‘perfect’ for the role they were casting but they didn’t get a good idea of what she was like as a person. His questions:

  1. What’s she like as a person? (obviously)
  2. Was she a good company member?

Now, despite my above poor effort at suspense, in this case I am pleased to say that I was able to give a glowing review. I only directed this person once but I said she was an excellent company member and really threw herself into the role and was always willing to try new things – he especially liked that comment because he was working on a new musical that was ever-evolving. I also said she was extremely nice! He said ‘so, you would definitely work with her again and recommend her’ which I replied ’absolutely’.

He said something else that made me really think. He said that she had looked like she COULD have had a bit of ‘attitude’. I quashed that immediately saying it was probably nerves.

The lesson? No matter how ‘perfect’ you are for a role a simple phone call can take it one way or another. And, it’s so important how you come across at an audition.



Petra Siniawski is the UK Associate Director of WICKED and has been for the past 7 years. She has been responsible for overseeing the casting of both the WEST END and TOURING “WICKED” productions.

I first worked with Petra on the West End production of RAGTIME. I then worked with her again on THE PRODUCERS. I have also travelled to Italy with her to conduct AMTA Master Classes in Rome.

She was at AMTA today working with our students on audition technique in general and of course was asked questions about the WICKED casting process.

She had a few general audition tips:

– Come into the audition room prepared and confident (don’t apologise).

– Don’t give tons of choices to the panel, just pick one and go with it. If they want to hear something else they will ask.

– Downfall for many actors is usually not the singing but the acting through song and connection to the material.

READ the rest here:




– Come prepared with a couple of contrasting songs in the style of the show.

– Look nice. First impressions count.

– Know who is in the audition room.

–  Make sure you have a few back-up songs. If you sing the wrong song for the panel and they ask you for another and you have nothing, it’s over! You won’t be back.

– Thank the pianist. He/She will remember you!!!


– Don’t announce that you are sick if you are. It just gets really boring. We just want to hear you and we will likely know anyway and ask you if we think your voice is not what it should be. If we think you’re right and worth another listen when you are better we will get you back.

– When asked what you are going to sing don’t start a long monologue about how you have this one and that one and the other. Just pick one!

– If you get 3/4s of the way through your song and mess it up don’t ask to start again, just pick it up where you left off or at an appropriate place in the song.

– Don’t decide for yourself how your performance went and then show it on your face as you start to leave the room. If you have messed it up it’s likely a much bigger thing to you than it is to us.

– Don’t say you can do something if you can’t.


1. Take more than 2 songs with you in case asked (your selections might not be suitable).

2. Remember it’s not a competition to see who can sing loudest or highest.

3. If you don’t know how to comb your hair, get help!