Easter Bonnet

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Musical Theatre, New York

If you are ever in NYC for the Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet competition you have to check this out. As long as you don’t mind seeing your favourite Broadway musicals being destroyed (in a good way). The cast members from these shows perform short segments culminating in a cast member entering with a huge themed head dress (their Easter Bonnet). I have to say it was a real laugh.

This traditional event raises a heap of money for charity and in true American style they do it BIG! Held at the Minskoff Theatre (home of Lion King) the place was packed. The Easter Bonnet celebration is derived from Christianity (of course) – dressing up to honour Christ’s resurrection and in more modern times evolves to buying something luxurious (a hat) to mark the end of lent, then showing it off at the Easter Parade.

My favourite moment had to be Avenue Qs (currently off-Broadway) rendition of Lion King’s Circle of Life where their puppets became animal head dresses. Too complex to explain but so, so funny.

Partly hosted by Micah Scott (It’s Only A Play) and Ann Harada (Original Christmas Eve in Avenue Q), they had such hilarious banter. Micah says to Ann, ‘It was a dream of mine to see you in Avenue Q’. She said, ‘Ah, that’s sweet, did you enjoy it?’. He said, ‘I didn’t see it, my mom said I wasn’t aloud to until I was twelve…you had left by then’.

It was a perfect ending to a long day. A day that started with me getting caught in a down pour. Even with an umbrella I found myself in the cafe where I met my friend, wringing out my socks, pretty! As I fought my way there (15 blocks, NO cabs) I got caught in a vortex and nearly did a Mary Poppins.

So tonight I go to Opening Press Night of the new musical Dr. Zhivago. Can’t wait to see what that’s all about. The evening starts with drinks at Sardi’s, followed by the show and after party at Rockefeller Centre. I’m already tired thinking about it, but super excited at the same time.

Off now to do my research on who’s who!

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