No small parts….

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Musical Theatre, New York

OK. So we have all heard the expression ‘there are no small parts just small actors’, well when you ARE that small part it can sometimes feel as though that’s a load of bull, but believe me it is not!

I find myself back in NYC again and before I embark on all I have to do here this week I thought I would grab the opportunity to see ON THE TOWN which I had heard so much about.

I found myself leaving the show thinking a lot about some of the absolutely hilarious performances of the ‘non-leading’ (although the leads were great too) performances. Jackie Hoffman, who at first appears as a little old lady and with about ten second scenes here and there still manages to bring the house to full-on laughter. She then returns as a singing teacher and I have to say I think she is the funniest person alive. I also know that the choices she made were her own! I could just tell.

Allison Guinn was another scene stealer with fantastic cameo portrayals throughout and then with her main featured role as Lucy Schmeeler she was all over it. So, so funny.

I’m constantly telling my students that smaller roles can be oh so big in the larger scheme but I never think they believe me. When will they realise that the lead roles are not always the best. They are usually like the bride and groom on the top of the wedding cake, yeah they look good, but it’s the layers of icing and cake underneath that we enjoy the most!

Anyway, not to take away from the three leading gents who worked their butts off today (I can’t imagine doing what they did today 8 shows a week). The talent was incredible.

A great Broadway day out! What I saw makes me remember why I do what I do!


  1. dollyhollish says:

    Very true! Although it is very frustrating sometimes haha. But I guess its all preparation for the job


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