Tony Tony Tony!!!

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Motivation, Musical Theatre

I met Tony Bayliss back in 2009.


He was a Royal Marine who had seen it all in the Middle East. After having left the Marines he decided to go after what he really had a passion for. He studied at a music academy in California learning to play guitar along the way and then came back to London where he came in to my studios one day.

Tony was sickeningly fit, in his late 30s, bald and with a strong East London accent – didn’t look like your typical musical theatre type – whatever that is! He said he wanted to do musical theatre and ‘give it a go’! His main worry was if he was too old. I listened to him sing and here’s what happened:

– I accepted him onto our part-time musical theatre programme. He excelled.

– I offered him a place on our 1 year, full-time musical theatre programme. He excelled.

– He won the award for the top musical theatre student when he graduated from AMTA.

– I hired him! To teach BOOTCAMP and NUTRITIAN at AMTA. I wanted him to put the students through their paces outside in the rain, snow, sleet or hail – give them some of that Army discipline he had, that so many of the students lacked!

– He was worked for us ever since but what about the acting? Well, he’s done commercials, music videos and stage. He co-wrote the music and played in the band for an original musical WAG, The Musical (oh, and met Andrew Lloyd Webber who saw the show) which was on at the Charing Cross Theatre, West End. He’s worked with West End director Kate Golledge in a recent new musical workshop and he has just had his…wait for it… debut at THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL in Madam Butterfly.

When he came to see me back in 2009 and if you had told me then that in 6 years he will be on stage at the Royal Albert Hall, I think I would have passed out with excitement.

I remember saying to Tony that it only takes 1 person to believe in you and if I’m that person, that’s fine with me! Let’s DO THIS!

It goes to show you that age doesn’t matter. A desire to learn and the discipline to get where you want to go is what counts. It’s the ACTION you take!

Tony has made me and everyone at the Academy so proud.

Way to go Tony! See a couple of photos here.


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