Hello from California

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Los Angeles
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Hello from sunny California.

I am at Seeber Music Productions with my good friend Eckart Seeber who is developing the orchestrations for a new project I am directing. It’s going to be huge, and did I mention it will be in Italian? I’m finally on my way to learning the language. Now I have no excuse!

I’m also with composer Marco Savaterri and project assistants Gabriel Glorioso and Viviana Zarbo, who are incidentally graduates of my musical theatre academy http://www.americanacademy.co.uk

My job is to manage the final development of the musical and to ensure it is in a format for international audiences. The musical is based on the ‘truth as far as we know it’ of the story of Cleopatra. The musical will be produced in Italy and then translated and re-developed for an English audience. The creative team will come from London and America, thus the reason we are in L.A. at the moment.

We will be in Italy later in the year to do preliminary auditions.

Back in London on Monday to prep for rehearsals for the Godspell UK tour. Exciting days ahead.

Here is a photo of the composer (left) with Eckart, discussing the music.



  1. armando says:

    fantastic ken!!! but not forget,ahahah please! gabriel is also my son,not only yours!!! i’m so proud and happy that you work together, thanks ken,all the time,i do not forget your integrity!!


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