Day 5 AMTA on Broadway!

Posted: February 28, 2015 in New York
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Final day of AMTA training in NYC.

And so my blogging from NYC comes to an end, but I’m off to Los Angeles tomorrow for a week to work on orchestrations for a HUGE new musical that I will be directing. Watch this space.

I wanted to finish off the tips that students got from their dancing days and then tell you what we were up to today.


From Francesca…
Hi. my tip of the day is:
when doing a dance call use your own judgement as to whether you can mark the routine on the side when waiting for your turn. Some directors will not appreciate this, so make sure you don’t steal the focus when another group is performing – this could potentially lose you your shot at getting through to the next round! Dance wisely!

From Roddy…
TOP TIP: after performing a dance combination infront of a panel make sure you stay in the original formation that you started in until they have finished with you as they have your headshots layed out on their table in the formation you should be in so by moving you’re confusing maters for them!

Today we had the amazing and super talented (and so so funny) Michael Kostroff. He does his audition workshop all over the country and today we had him in for AMTA. It’s the second time sitting in on this and I still learned so much. I don’t audition at the moment due to my directing jobs but it actually made me WANT to audition. Check it out here and if you ever get a chance to go to one just GO!!!

Yesterday our actors were uptown working with film director Matthew Bonifacio. I promised to post a pic…



Goodbye from NYC, I have a bunch of very sad students flying back to London tomorrow who had the most amazing time.



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