Day 3 AMTA on Broadway!

Posted: February 25, 2015 in New York

Hello Folks,

Before I start today I want to say a big hello to my readers from UK, US, Sweden, Russia, Greece, Spain, France and Jordan! I feel blessed to reach you all!

So I saw KINKY BOOTS on Broadway last night. I was really looking forward to it. I’m sorry to report that I’ve never rolled my eyes so many times as I did last night. It was so frustrating. I didn’t hate it but I certainly didn’t love it. I felt it was self-indulgent, unnecessarily written in the first place (and yes I know it’s from a film), sketchy writing and weak lyrics. I can’t remember one song……ok, have you heard enough? That’s my take – but then I am am rather picky. I can’t see it doing very well in London when it transfers this year. I don’t think it will find it’s audience. But then that’s just my little ‘ol opinion.

Tonight it’s HEDWIG and the ANGRY INCH. I’m more optimistic about tonight. I think I will be ‘showed out’ after tonight though.

AMTA training today with the energetic duo James Kinney (1 of the top 10 choreographers in this country) and Alex Nordin, an all and all, tall triple threat. He was really tall today wearing heels to teach a drag routine from none other than the TONY award winning musical KINKY BOOTS (rolls eyes). The students loooooooved both classes.

I decided to ask a few of the students to send me a 1 liner of something they learned today so here goes…

From Laura…
“The most valuable thing you can do is to be the best possible version of yourself. If you say you can do it, you will do it”

From Lisa…
“Make sure you bring some character to the dance so that you can show the panel your personality and give them a taste of what you’d be like on stage”

From Emily…
“Hey ken, so I originally learnt this from you in London but it has been re-iterated so much today and yesterday by James and it’s really inspiring. “You can only be the best version of yourself.” It’s really great to know that we can always better ourselves but we don’t need to try and be anybody else. Favourite piece of advice so far 😊”

From Andrea…(I love this one)
“When a choreographer or director is asking you to bring out a part of yourself that you hate and that you tried to hide for all your life, the best thing to do is totally free it 150%, you’ll feel better after and the impact will be great!”

From Hannah…
In an audition use simple steps to get back into the formation the panel set you in so they have a clear view of who’s who.

If you mess up or fall over the thing they will love you for is if you come back 10x better.

If you get more than one pass at a combo that includes an improvisation section do something different each time.

Get into character in the intro of the song, don’t just hold a pose, move about!

From Lexi…
They can put someone else in your spot but they can never replace you

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

Never let panic show through your performance

I had so many comments that I need to post the rest tomorrow.
Very inspirational comments given today from our American friends.

They are back tomorrow again with James and Alex.

Thanks for reading!


And here they all are...

And here they all are…

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